The Artist Archive presents a film about the sculptor Don Gummer and his public art on view at nine sites along Broadway through October 2015. You likely have seen the sculptures—whimsical, teetering structures, stacked like visual haiku poems—and perhaps even wondered about them: who made them? What do they mean?

To explore these questions, The Artist Archive would like to invite children, families, and educators to a neighborhood screening of The Art Works of Don Gummer, followed by a guided discussion. The film follows the artist as he prepares his works for their N.Y.C. public debut, giving viewers insight into his process. We see the busy fabrication facility as workers grind surfaces and add elements under the artist’s supervision. We follow a conversation about the works’ placement around the city, as Gummer considers how a sculpture’s scale and design elements will play against the public space.

The event is one hour in length. After the film screening, a representative from The Artist Archive will lead a discussion with the audience, guided by the following educational objectives:

  • To encourage dialogue among teachers, parents / guardians, and younger people about how art contributes to issues of community pride, quality of life, and life-long education.
  • To familiarize participants with abstract art and provide them with tools to discuss and interpret it.
  • To explore insights about the artistic process, such as overcoming challenges, fostering creativity, and instilling a disciplined work ethic.

If your organization would like to schedule a FREE discussion and screening of The Art Works of Don Gummer, please contact The Artist Archive at 718 541 4927 or contact us through our website

About The Artist Archive The Artist Archive (TAA) is a not-for-profit documentary film production company. We dedicate ourselves to the idea that people are educated through their experiences and appreciation of the arts. TAA films bring conversations with creative people into the classroom setting for students of all ages. Our films take viewers into the studios of more than 60 artists and study their creative processes.

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